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    AH Shower and Tub Lenexa also has highly trained and skilled professionals that can help with anything bathtub related. If you have a leaky bathtub faucet, cracks in the tub, or need help removing mildew and mold, AH Shower and Tub Lenexa has the professionals, tools, and knowledge to help at a low cost with bathtub repairs.

    Considering a bathtub remodel?


    Cracked, stained, or leaky bathtubs might be a sign that it's time to remodel. It might be tempting to do a DIY bathtub remodel to save money. In the long run, a DIY bath remodel could result in significant damage to plumbing or other materials. Remodeling contractors at AH Shower and Tub in Lenexa can handle all your bathtub remodel, replacement, and bathtub-to-shower needs. With our professional contractors' help, you will find the most economical and high-quality materials for your project. We will do everything we can to help you stay within your budget and timeframes.


    Whether you're looking to replace your bathtub liner, the whole bathtub, or wall surround, our professional contractors can help you find an affordable solution. We can help you find a solution that will give your bathroom a fresh and updated look and feel quickly and affordably.


    Our professional contractors measure your bathtub space and take pictures to ensure your replacement bathtub fits for simple installation. Our specially trained contractors can replace your old bathtub with a new one in a day!


    If you are remodeling your bathroom, there are several ways to update your bathtub. 

    Bathtub Liners

    A low-cost alternative to a bathroom remodel is a bathtub liner. Bathtub liner is a PVC or acrylic shell tailored to fit your bathtub. The bathtub liner fits an airtight shell over your existing bathtub. This is a quick bathtub remodel. However, bathtub liners last between 3-5 years depending on the original bathtub condition. It is recommended that the liner is replaced or it can cause unpleasant or damaging effects to the original bathtub. Proper bathtub liner care is critical for its longevity. You'll need to use quality cleaner and scrub the liner with a gentle sponge, rag, or microfiber cloth. Always use water to ensure the cleaner is rinsed away. It's also a good idea to regularly apply water and bleach on the liner to prevent bacteria growth. A solution of water and vinegar will fight mildew if it appears.

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    Bathtub Surround Wall

    If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom, but your bathtub is still in pristine shape you can upgrade the bathtub surround wall to give your bathroom a fresh and updated look! Many chose tiles for their bathtub surround wall. This can be expensive and labor intensive as each tile must be installed and shaped for fixtures. Our bathroom remodeling services in Lenexa can provide you with a variety of options for customizing your bathtub. If you have a tile surround wall in your bathroom remodel project, AH Shower and Tub Lenexa remodeling contractors are a great choice. We'll work with you to find the right tile and size that fits within your budget goals. We'll ensure the appropriate moisture resistant backing is installed and all the correct materials are used for a long lasting bathtub tile surround wall.


    However, there is a lower cost bathtub surround. Prefabricated surrounds require less labor. They are based on the size of your bathtub wall and built to fit the space. Holes are easily drilled for any fixtures and can come with benches, shelves, and other features at your request. There are some surround walls that are more expensive if you purchase higher-end materials such as granite.


    Whatever choice you make, our local Lenexa, KS contractors can provide you with the support you need for your bathtub remodel. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy by providing the finest service at the most competitive price.

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    Bathtub Replacement

    If your bathroom remodel is planning for a bathtub replacement, you shouldn't simply be influenced by the bathtub's age. You should also consider the size and depth of the bathtub, whether it is a standard size or a custom size, and other factors such as the materials used in the bathtub and the installation process. All these factors play an important role in deciding whether or not a bathtub replacement is a wise investment.


    If there are no leaks, cracks, stains, or mold, another cost-saving option noted on this page could be the way to go for your bathroom renovation. However, if you are unhappy with its functionality or have difficulty getting in or out of the bathtub, you should consider a bathtub replacement as part of your bathroom remodel project. Many bathtubs today are designed with lower ledges for easier entry and exit, or you can even choose a walk-in tub. Whatever your needs, our Lenexa contractors will work closely with you to meet your needs and keep you within your budget. All of our bathtub replacements are professionally installed according to industry-best practices and can be completed in a day. We guarantee that your new bathtub will be installed correctly and provide years of enjoyment. Our contractors are carefully screened and have the experience and knowledge to ensure your bathtub replacement is done right. Contact us today for a free estimate.



    AH Shower and Tub Lenexa Advantages

    What are the advantages of using AH Showers and Tubs? We specialize in Shower Door and Bathtub Door installs and repairs, however our professional Lenexa contractors also specialize in bathtub and shower repairs and remodels. We provide quality workmanship, personalized service and premium products to our clients. We are committed to helping you find the best solution for your shower or bathtub needs. Our Lenexa contractors are experienced and knowledgeable, so you can trust that your project will be completed with the highest standards. We offer repair and remodel services across Johnson County in Olathe, Shawnee, Mission, Overland Park, Meriam, and Prairie Village. Our skilled professional staff will complete your bathtub or shower project within the agreed upon time frame and budget. We pride ourselves on providing quality work and excellent customer service. Our contractors are certified and have years of experience in the bathroom remodeling industry. We offer a wide variety of services, from simple repair work to full-scale renovations. We also use only the highest quality materials to ensure your new bathroom will last for years to come. We are committed to your satisfaction and will go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right. Give us a call at (913) 286-1721  for a free estimate!